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Gas &


Gas Transport

CG Solutions

CG Solutions is a North American leader in the development and utilization of containerized natural gas transport.

Field Compression

BID Equipment

Celebrating 25 years in business in 2013, Bi™, part of the TES Inc. group of companies, is a leading supplier of reciprocating and rotary screw natural gas compressors from 20 to 8,000 brake horsepower.ype your paragraph here.



FI (FI) specializes in satellite and terrestrial wireless communications to agricultural, environmental and industrial assets. The FI team has been developing communication and IT solutions to these industries for over 20 years, and has seen the industries evolve from decision making without quantitative data to today's opportunity for intelligent, measured decisions based on real time data collection and analysis.

Bi-Fuel Kits and AFR

Continental Controls

CCC  established a prominent place in the gas turbine industry by developing speed and temperature monitors and then fuel control modules used primarily with Solar Turbine engines.

Continental provides innovative and reliable systems and components that advance the state of the art in control of all Gas Turbines and Gas Engines.They  have earned a reputation for very high quality, reliability, and integrity.



TR provides innovative compression solutions through a patented Hydraulic Intensifier Compressor that provides performance beyond the expected.