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Gas &




The success in how a bi-fuel system operates is determined by the care taken during installation, start-up and commissioning. 

Every new install is given our attention and we do not leave your site till the system is operating properly.



Our systems can be accessed remotely through the internet and cellular or SAT access.  With this capability troubleshooting times are reduced and in-turn the costs to our client are mitigated.

The remote access also gives us the capability of making changes to the operation of the GSS system so that the system can  be optimized to deliver maximum efficiency and savings.

​For the future, we are looking at ways to give clients direct access to the site to not only see how our GSS systems are doing but also to get information on the engine operations and gas usage.



Our field technicians are experienced in engine operations, instrumentation and SCADA.  

To ensure that the GSS systems are maintained to a high standard of  uptime operations, our technicians will respond promptly to any service demands.

We are looking at some interesting  ways in reducing service response times and we hope to announce how we will do this in 2014.  Stay tuned....