About Us


At CNGL our goal is to provide quality equipment and services to promote and foster the use and utilization of natural gas in power applications.

Regardless if your need is simply a way to load natural gas onto containerized high pressure transport, or install a system that can displace fuel  used on diesel engines, we may have a solution that fits your requirements.

We pride ourselves in the ability to  "Re-Think the Box"

Our Goal is to be the prime CNG service provider in Canada and the United States.  We will provide these services with the utmost attention to:

  • COST

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We are a group of professionals and Experts that understand Engines and Controls.

Not only do we have experience in the installation of over 40 Bi-Fuel systems on various types of engines, but we are familiar with Bi-Fuel systems from many different vendors.

With our Oil & Gas Background,, our group understands Compression, Natural Gas Transport, Gas Delivery and Unloading, Bi-fuel systems and Data Telemetry.

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By utilizing Continental's proven fuel control technologies, our proprietaryBi-fuel or GSS system allows for the substitution of natural gas for Diesel fuel without any modification to the engine itself. 

GSS works on all applications from Gen-sets to pumps and  it interfaces directly with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) for increased control.

GSS substitutes the maximum amount of diesel at almost any load condition for any application. 

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